The Daniel and Flavia Gernatt Family Foundation, also known as the Gernatt Family Foundation,[1] is a non-profit, non-operating private foundation with 501(c)(3) status. Daniel and the late Flavia C. (Schmitz) Gernatt in 1987-1988 in Collins, New York.s" It provides charitable and private financial assistance to organizations and entities in Western New York State, mostly in the areas of education, healthcare, Christian-related endeavors, and toward the elimination of poverty, particularly for those in need and those who are homeless.[2]

Background and trusteesEdit

The foundation was established in 1987.[3] The former principal manager and trustee of the foundation was Daniel R. Gernatt, Sr.[4][5][6] Additional trustees are members of his family,[4] including Daniel R. Gernatt, Jr. (son),[1] Patricia Rebmann (daughter),[1] Phyllis Ulmer (daughter),[1] and Cynthia (Rebmann) Peglowski (granddaughter).[4] Rebmann is also caretaker of the books for the foundation.

Loans, donations, and grantsEdit

The foundation when operating provided loans, donations, and/or grants to charitable organizations and private entities. In 2004, the family's foundation and companies donated $150,000 to TLC Health Network's $1 million campaign to make renovations to and update diagnostic imaging equipment at hospitals in Gowanda and Irving, New York. Template:Cite web</ref> The donation was identified as a "jump start" to the health network's capital campaign drive. Catholic Charities of Buffalo and Western New York has regularly received donations from the foundation.

Endowments and assetsEdit

Annual endowments provided by the foundation went to various organizations.


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