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Frank Minor is the first African American Mayor of Logan Township, New Jersey. He was born in Queens and graduated Lincoln High School and then attended the prestigious Worcester Academy. He then graduated from Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York where he received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology in 1977.

He began his political career in Logan Township. He was credited in an article by The Philadelphia Inquirer as having "helped build the Republican Party in Logan." He took office as mayor of Logan Township as a Republican on January 1, 2003, having defeated former Township Mayor John Wright, a Democrat. In 2007, Minor switched to the Democratic Party. The motivation for the switch was in dispute as Minor and the county GOP disagreed on what motivated Minor to change parties.[1]

After switching parties and earning reelection, Minor was selected to be the Delegation Floor Whip for the New Jersey Delegation at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Colorado. In 2009, Mayor Minor was appointed as deputy executive director of the Delaware River and Bay Authority. In 2012, Mayor Minor was again elected as a district delegate representing New Jersey at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, NC. He was appointed to the Richard Stockton College of New Jersey's William J. Hughes Center for Public Policy steering committee in late 2013.[2] Former State Senator Barbara Buono reportedly had Minor on her shortlist for running mate during her 2013 gubernatorial campaign.[3]

Minor is a member of the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition,[4] a bipartisan group with a stated goal of "making the public safer by getting illegal guns off the streets." The Coalition is co-chaired by Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

On March 27, 2014, he announced that he will enter the race for the Democratic nomination in New Jersey's 1st congressional district.[5]

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No information available on 2007 run or his 2003 run as a Republican.



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