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George Cofield was born on October 13, 1934 [1] and died on March 22, 2001.[2] George was an early pioneer of karate in America.[3] He is also one of the first blacks to introduce Karate to America.[4] He is well known as mixer of Asian philosophy with African Empowerment in martial arts.[5]

Early life Edit

George was raised in NY and would move to Roosevelt, NY.[1] George would join the US Armed Forces, where he would first encounter martial arts.[1] During his time in the Army in the 1950s he would start his study of karate.[6]

Martial arts Edit

George had been teaching Karate as early as 1961.[7] George was the founder of Tong Dojo.[8] George would operate a 10 dojo network in New York.[9] His dojo's would host tournaments as far as Ohio.[10] George would also operate the George Cofield's Karate University in Brooklyn, NY.[11] George was known as a very strict and hard instructor.[12] George was known to withhold the rank of white belt for six to nine months until he felt a student was ready.[9] George was known as a man who didn't care if he gained or lost friends, just so long as they learned from him.[13] Some fighters have stated that if George were to judge their fight, they would simply walk off of the mat.[9] George was also an instructor of UFC Fighter, Ron Van Clief.[14] George was the instructor of many competitive karate fighters including Dwight Frazier and Thomas LaPuppet.[15] George would have them both fight at the 1970 All American Championships.[16] George was an advocate against poor sportsmanship.[17] George would give many martial arts demonstrations including those at the Oriental World of Self Defense at Madison Square Garden.[13] George is featured in Black Hero's of the Martial Arts.[18]


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