Joel Landau is a committed community activist and a healthcare entrepreneur focused on improving and enhancing the healthcare delivery system. This dynamic business leader and visionary has a proven record of success in improving health care delivery and insurance processes for health plans, members, and medical providers that service the NYC community. With his strong leadership he has helped establish several companies which have resulted in rapid increases in revenues.

Improving the healthcare system for New Yorkers, and creating products, services and startup companies that address market opportunities with a focus on high-risk populations, is the first and foremost goal of Joel Landau. As a healthcare innovator he has been able to successfully identify opportunities in the marketplace and create products, services and startup companies.

His broad knowledge of the healthcare industry and insightful analysis of the market have helped him achieve healthcare efficiency and efficacy. Joel Landau has innovative and practical approach when it comes to in satisfying the complex needs of the healthcare market. He has proved to be a valuable asset for the entire community, creating practical solutions and services that deliver long-lasting economic value.

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