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Shirley Braha (born December 26, 1982) is the adoptive owner of popular internet dog Marnie the Dog. She has also been a TV producer and creator of the music television show New York Noise (2003-2010).[1] and MTV Hive's indie music video show Weird Vibes (2011-2013).

Early lifeEdit

Braha is a native of Brooklyn. At 16 she started a record label called Little Shirley Beans Records.[2][3][4] From 2001-2002 she was programming co-director for the streaming internet radio site [2] At Smith College, Braha was a DJ at WOZQ and their Events Director.[5] In 2001, Braha was featured in YM Magazine as "One of the 21 Coolest Girls in America".[2] The Village Voice named her "Best D.I.Y. Go Girl Under 21" in their 2002 "Best of NYC" issue.[2]

New York Noise (2003-2010)Edit

Braha created New York Noise [1], an indie-rock TV show, in 2003 while interning at NYC TV.[6][7][8] " She produced & edited the series.[6] The program showcased underground music in unusual ways.[1][3][4][6][9][10] Her production style “brought much needed originality to her field” according to the Village Voice.[4] According to the New York Times, it is "a groundbreaking show that has attracted a loyal following [9]"

Weird Vibes (2011-2013)Edit

Shirley Braha is creator & producer of "Weird Vibes," a 30-minute indie music video show that she developed for MTV Hive.[11] The show ran from August 2011 to September 2013.

Marnie the Dog (2012- Present)Edit

Braha adopted an elderly Shih Tzu dog on December 20, 2012 and named her Marnie. Braha began regularly posting photos on Instagram in February 2014.



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